1. Father’s Day Gifts Don’t Have to Be Costly to Be Cool

    Man taking family picturePerhaps your first financial advice came from dad: Stick to a budget. Save for retirement. Pay your bills on time – wise words that dad likely adhered to as well.

    The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot on a great gift for Father’s Day. With a little creativity, you may not even have to spend anything.

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  2. Five Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts

    girl-doing-laundryYou don’t have to break the bank on Mother’s Day to make mom happy. Often times, it’s the sentiment – not the price tag – that matters most. And with a little creativity, time and effort, you can put something together that will make mom feel just as special as she is to your family.

  3. Turn Trash into Creative Eco-Friendly Gifts

    Eco-Friendly Gift IdeasCreating eco-friendly gifts from items that might usually be thrown out after use can provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids or grandkids, while teaching the importance of recycling. Here are some creative eco-friendly gift ideas that are easy to make and just as rewarding to give.

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